LT-300 (Life Testing Unit)

  • Luminous intensity distribution and total luminous flux measurement for all types of luminaires.
  • All kind of luminous tests are conducted.
  • Voltage, current, power, PF, frequency, harmonics and other electrical parameters are also calculated.
  • Test duration varies in different parameter.


  • The light source rotates around both axis.
  • Angle controlling resolution: 0.001°.
  • The maximum vertical distance from the slide-rail to the rotation center is 7500mm.
  • The maximum horizontal distance from the rotation center to the triple clamp is 513mm.
  • Dia.Φ1500mm at CIE C-γ Solution.


  • Specification measurement including:
  • Luminous Flux(lm)
  • Luminous efficacy(lm/W).
  • Spectral Power Distribution P(λ).
  • Chromaticity Coordinate: (x,y), (u,v).
  • Correlated Color Temperature Tc, Color Rendering Index: Ra, Ri (i=1~15).
  • Standard deviation of color matching (SDCM).

Laser Marking Machine

  • Printing can be done on fiber, plastic and as well as metals.
  • Software Controlled.

Hipot Tester

  • AC Withstand Voltage Test
  • DC Withstand Voltage Test
  • Insulation Resistance Test
  • Ground Resistance Test
  • Touch Current/Leakage Current Test
  • Power Test
  • Low-voltage Start-up Test

IP Testing Unit

  • The equipment is applied to electric and electronic/ automobile and motorcycle spare parts of its enclosure and sealing parts under conditions of raining, the enclosure to prevent rainwater infiltration ability or have been in the rain the work performance state test.
  • Compliance with IEC60529(GB4208),DIN40050-9, ISO20653 of protection degree (IPX4K) test requirement.
  • IEC60529 Spray nozzle for IPX5/6, cooperate use with flush test equipment.

Glue Dispenser Machine For Panel Light

  • Machine is equipped with multiple glue dispensing heads according to panel light design.
  • The glue dispensing system starts to dispense glue on the board when it reached the position.
  • The panel board will be well glued while it’s moving forward.
  • After gluing, it will be brought to the next assembly station or piled up manually

Complete SMT Machine

  • Start-end complete automatic SMT line

  • The solely SMT service.
  • SMT includes following machines:
  • ✓ Solder Paste Mixer
  • ✓ Screen Printing
  • ✓ Conveyers
  • ✓ Pick and Place
  • ✓ Reflow Oven
  • ✓ Compressor

Burning & Testing Room

  • Start-end complete automatic SMT line.
  • The solely SMT service.